How can I help you process receipts faster?

Please write your full name and address on the reverse of the cheque, DD or the covering letter. Kindly also mention which way you would like your donation to be utilised. For outstation cheques, it would be helpful if the address and pin code of the bank is mentioned as well. Cheques usually take five working days to be processed and we issue receipts as soon as the cheque is realised. Once that is done, the receipt will be couriered/ posted to the address that you have provided.

How do I send my contribution to Shine hearts Foundation?

You can send it by Money Order, Cheque, Demand Draft or by cash when you come directly. Please make it out in favour of “Shine hearts Foundation” and post it to No.3 First Cross Street, Vembuli Amman Nagar Main Road, Nemilichery, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Please avoid sending cash by post.

Is my donation to Shine hearts Foundation is tax exempted?

Yes. Donations to Shine Hearts Foundation are tax exempted under section 80G of IT Act 1961.

What can I donate to Shine hearts Foundation?

We appreciate and value your help and contribution in whatever form it may be. Apart from financial donations, we accept clothes, provisions, toiletries, medicines, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronic equipment, and other useful items.

Will my small contribution make a difference to this overwhelming problem?

More than 90% of the funds that Shine hearts Foundation raises come from individual donors. “Small thing you do can mean everything in another persons life.”

How does Shine hearts Foundation raise funds?

The main sources of funds that Shine hearts Foundation depends on the donations from philanthropic Public. Shine hearts Foundation reaches the public by sending out appeals during festival season and school re-opening time.

Does Shine hearts Foundation receive government or foreign funding?

No. Shine hearts Foundation does not receive any government funding or foreign grants. This would make us to work independently and to implement our programmes and projects effectively and faster.

What does Shine hearts Foundation do?

Shine hearts Foundation works relentlessly for the up liftment of discarded and abandoned children in the society. Shine hearts Foundation currently engages with over 125 children in two orphanages through a network of dedicated volunteers. We also provide financial aid to poor children for their medical treatments and financial aid to poor students for good and proper education by providing school fees, books, uniforms etc.

Is Shine hearts Foundation a registered organisation?

  • Shine hearts Foundation is a government registered organization (Reg No.4/135/2021) and its registered office is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Shine hearts Foundation is registered under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961, Government of India.
  • Shine hearts Foundation is registered under section 80G of The Income Tax Act 1961, Government of India.

What is Shine hearts Foundation?

Shine hearts Foundation is a registered, secular, non-political, non-profit social welfare organization. DSF is established by a group of like-minded philanthropists to work for the betterment of the under privileged and neglected sectors of our society.