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Who Are We?

SHINE HEARTS FOUNDATION is a registered, secular, non-political, non-profit social welfare organization. SHF is established by a group of like-minded philanthropists to work for the betterment of the under privileged and neglected sectors of our society.

A board of trustees govern SHF and the day-to-day activities are managed by group of dedicated volunteers. Apart from taking care of children in the orphanage, SHF also reaches out our hand with smile to other orphanages, old aged, disabled homes and other organizations. We raise funds from philanthropic public contributions and their kind helps meet the day to day needs of the orphanages and old aged homes.

Our Services

In SHF, we provide food, medical and education services to young and little children and make sure we satisfy their basic needs.


Our mission is to provide quality English language instruction through...


SHF aims in helping financially poor students for their good and proper education by providing school Fees, Books, Uniforms etc.


SHF focuses towards distributing food to the poor, needy and hungry children across the pockets of poverty



What can we do?

We can make them visit a government hospital or clinic nearby and buy medicines for their treatment. We should stretch our hands wider and liberal. Money should not be a concern for the poor to get relief from their pains and sufferings. So, we SHF is doing our best to help the poorest of the poor and make a platform for dedicated donors to join us in this venture.



Governance in the development sector ensures proper management practices, compliance of respective laws and strict adhere to best possible ethical standards. We, at SHINE HEARTSFOUNDATION comply to the principles of Good Governance.


SHINE HEARTS FOUNDATION encourages partnering with other Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO) to expand our scope of operations and achieve a wider impact ratio of social service objective.


SHINE HEARTS FOUNDATION emphasizes on creating policies that are in compliance with all legalities and modules laid by both state and central Governments.

Policies and decisions are put into effect after careful analysis and discussions with the panel members and individuals responsible for the operations of SHINE HEARTS FOUNDATION. This ensures transparency in operations and strategic policy making.


We at SHINE HEARTS FOUNDATION follow good governance policies and encourage all our volunteers to follow credible norms in the development sector to ensure good governance.


We follow a domain based internal and external audit system. In this regard to ensure the effectiveness on the audit control, we audit with MR Associates, Chennai.